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Our Approach

We believe that we can help building a stronger Europe by playing a substantial role in the provision of cryptocurrency, fast growing markets, fintech and residential. In our key markets in Bulgaria and Europe we see our role in providing accessible, transparent investment opportunities with healthy corporate governance, and accountability. It is our aim to deliver solid medium and long-term diversified returns to our shareholders.

Scope of Activities

Our activities include investments in crypto currencies, ICOs, real estate, stocks and shares of companies, state bonds/treasury bills, financial instruments as well as any other commercial activity which is not prohibited by law and if a permit, license or registration is required for performing the respective activity it would be carried out after such a permit or license is obtained or the respective registration is made.

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Our Story

„Prinz Von Preussen Capital Limited” AD is a public joint-stock company registered in the Republic of Bulgaria and performing its activity in accordance with the Bulgarian legislation. The seat of the company is in Sofia, Bulgaria. The company is constituted on 16.03.2015 and registered in the Commercial Register with the Registry Agency on 14.04.2015 with unique identification code 203494225. The company is not limited by term or any other terminating condition.

Prinz Von Preussen Capital Limited AD has been entered into the register of public companies and other issuers of securities under art. 30, para. 1, item 3 of the Financial Supervisory Commission Act with a Decision No. 645 – ПД of the FSC from 10th of September, 2016.

As of 28.09.2016 the shares of the company are traded on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange – Sofia AD under the listing PR3. For more information you can have a look on their website.

Information for Shareholders and Investors

Shareholder Structure

The company is being controlled by Urs Meisterhans, a shareholder who holds 48 000 shares, representing 96 % of the voting rights in the General Meeting of Shareholders of PRINZ VON PREUSSEN CAPITAL LIMITED AD.

Shareholder Rights

Each share of Prinz Von Preussen Capital Limited AD gives its holder the right to one vote in the general meeting of shareholders of the company, the right of a dividend, the right of liquidation share, the right to information about the activity of the company, its financial and economic data and all other rights stemming out of the law and the articles of association of Prinz Von Preussen Capital Limited AD.

Contact Us

It is important to us to get in touch with our investors, shareholders and business partners. Please feel free to write us a message any time if you have questions or are interested in our business. You can also contact our Investor Relations Director personally:

Contact details:

Milen Maksimov Bozhilov

Phone number: 00359 2 980 12 51

Address: Ulitsa "Graf Ignatiev" 24
1st Floor, Sofia, Bulgaria